est. 2017


munich, germany

So who’s behind this WiLLi the Label? 

Firstly, of course, Willi himself. Then, there’s the two of us — Willi’s mum, Ute and Alex. We both work in the fashion industry, Ute as an art-buyer and Alex as a fashion editor. wiLLi is truly a project that comes from our hearts. 

We believe that drawings are memories, which we should be able to wear with us everyday. And so we created WiLLi the Label, a platform where family and friends can easily send doodles and great masterpieces to us. Using high quality, 100 % cotton tees and sweatshirts, we then print your drawings as fabric and embroider it on your choice of clothing.

We celebrate every single one of you, because we know we can make just as happy as we are with our products!