Create Your Own

Drawings are memories. What if you could wear your favorite memories with you? We make this possible. Join us in creating your own T-Shirts and Sweatshirts.


01 Create a drawing

Doodles and great artworks are welcome here

02 Capture it on Camera

Snapshot the drawing with your phone

03 Send it to us

We stitch your drawing on a sweatshirt or tee


Choose between pre-made stitched T-shirts and Sweatshirts from our WiLLi collection. Made from 100% premium cotton, all our pieces are unisex.


We are family

For big or small, our pieces are made for the whole family. We hope that both family and friends can enter into the experience you are sharing with our WiLLi Collection or your own created masterpieces.

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Photo with Frame.png

Every piece from our collection was hand drawn by master artist Willi himself. He draws images from his world and we love to wear his drawings on us. In case you have no drawings of your own you can select some of Willi’s drawings instead.

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